Typical Applications


At times even the most sophisticated sewerage reticulation can have odour problems. It may be caused by many variables including septicity due to long detention times, low pH, high hydrogen sulphides etc. and is usually noticed at sewer pump stations or manholes. Probac, injected into the reticulation prior to the septicity will solve the odour problem safely, efficiently and most of all economically


Both extended aeration and trickle filter sewage treatment plants will have a beneficial and noticeable increase in performance when treated with Probac. Apart from odour reduction, the treatment increases the metabolic rate of the bacteria and therefore the sludge volume will decrease. What sludge is left is easier to handle and because it is lower in organic material, easier to dry.


Where problems are prevalent in a sewerage reticulation, Probac is normally applied via a pump station because of easy access. Storage of the product and related injection pump require some consideration.


Package plants vary greatly in size, flow, method of treatment etc., but a significant number have ongoing problems with odour. Due to the design, they are generally close to residents and this causes many complaints and community concerns. Probac will greatly reduce or even eliminate odour in these systems without chemically altering the effluent. This is important where water reuse is required.


There are many of these systems still in operation today. They normally work satisfactorily with a high level of maintenance, but if fat & grease builds up they will inhibit the treatment process. Probac Organic Concentrate injected into the system will keep the medium clean, the sludge at minimum levels and the system odour free.


One of the most common sewage plants in use today is the oxidation pond. They are low cost to build and simple to maintain, but there is little control over the process. If the organic load is too high, odour and appearance problem occur. Probac Organic Concentrate will increase bioactivity ensuring a more thorough metabolism of matter, thus reducing odour, scum and sludge.


In many outer urban and rural areas where the sewerage reticulation systems are underdeveloped, raw sewage transportation is by means of large road tankers. The waste transfer stations that receive these vehicles can suffer significant odour problems. Probac has proven to be very effective in such applications.


Many cities require residential and commercial buildings to have their own sewage treatment plant. In a lot of cases the plant is privately owned and maintained but the water authority get complaints if there are problems. Probac will bring such systems back to specification reducing odour and subsequent complaints.


The most popular type of sewage system, septic tank capacities range from domestic to community levels. The most common problems, apart from odour, are high sludge volumes and poor effluent quality, all due to inhibited performance. Probac has proven over many years, that in all types of septic tanks all of these problems can be resolved in a very economical manner.