Product Overview

Probac is an organic sewage treatment for septicity control, odour and fat & grease problems. The product is based on new technology and has been extensively trialed and proven in Australia and recently in the Middle East and South East Asia.

Originally produced for smaller systems like septic tanks, Probac’s continuing product development has made it ideal for most types of wastewater treatment plant including much larger systems. Probac will do the same job in a small package plant with a flow of say 300 kilolitres per day as it will for a major 200 Megalitres per day extended aeration system.

Probac Organic Concentrate is different to conventional treatments that are available:

  • Probac Organic Concentrate is a special extract of selected plant materials and is thus totally organic. Working on the cellular level its purpose is to stimulate the naturally occurring bacteria that may be functioning improperly because they have been inhibited by oxidants, poisons, or extremes of temperature or age.
  • Probac is not a “live cell” bacteria (bio-culture) or enzyme concoction and cannot introduce renegade bacteria into your system. It is 100% biodegradable, user and environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive. It cannot harm the wastewater system, field personnel or equipment.
  • Probac Organic Concentrate is a liquid used for treatment of the raw sewage to prevent septicity occurring and delivering the raw sewage “fresh” to the plant in a “chemically unaltered state”.

When Probac is used in a reticulation system, it is primarily for odour control, which it will do very well. However a secondary but important benefit of this treatment is that Probac stimulated microbes will strip fats and grease from the sewer mains and also remove the habitat (slimes) used for the growth of sulphur reducing bacteria thus reducing dissolved sulphides. Apart from making access to the equipment in the pump stations much easier and certainly more pleasant for your maintenance crews, it will in turn reduce corrosion and protect the water authorities assets.

Acceptance of Probac over the last few years has been exceptional. There have been many trials conducted in different types of wastewater treatment systems and Probac was accepted as the preferred treatment method. This can be partially attributed to the fact that Probac is simply an organic stimulant to microbes naturally occurring in sewage and therefore provides flow-on benefits downstream from the problem areas it is designed to treat, hence there are many hidden cost savings to be gained by the water authority.

Another major reason for Probac’s acceptance is that there is very little capital cost involved. In some cases manual dosing is satisfactory but in most cases a simple, low cost pump is all that is required. Some projects may need several pumps. See M6 Metering System page for full details of our pumps.

Why is Probac Required?

Most sewage treatment plants and septic tanks rely on mixed populations of bacteria to breakdown complex organic materials into simple compounds. In some cases these bacterial populations are inhibited by their own metabolic products and their efficiency is reduced. Pro-Bac provides the stimulus to maintain a high level of bacterial activity under such adverse conditions.

Probac should be considered wherever bacteria are either a normal part of decomposition or where bacteria are likely to become a problem, e.g. sulphur reducing bacteria. Probac is effective in stimulating the metabolism of bacteria where the pH of the solution is suitable and where there is an absence of compounds that are likely to kill bacteria (biocides).

Occupational Health & Safety Considerations

There are no Occupational Health & Safety problems associated with the use of Probac. The product is a water based liquid and its use requires no mixing or contact by staff. It is safe to use under normal conditions. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet page for full details.