Probac Organic Concentrate is a totally safe and effective liquid treatment for the control of odour, sulphides, fat & grease in sewerage reticulations, wastewater treatment plants, package plants and all types of septic tank.

Probac is being used throughout Australia and now in South East Asia and the Middle East in diverse wastewater treatment applications and has proven to be very effective.  The performance of the product is well established and because most problems are biological in nature, Probac users have derived benefits that could not have been achieved by plant modification alone.  Control of odour in sewer mains and wastewater treatment plants of all types, is a biological function and Probac treatment has been outstanding in these areas.

Some of the benefits of using Probac are:

  • Greatly reduced odours in all types of wastewater treatment systems.
  • Clears organic build up (fat, grease and slime) in the sewer mains, pump stations and tanks.
  • Low capital cost to set up and easy to implement.
  • Delivers the raw sewage to the treatment plant in a much better and chemically unaltered condition.
  • Enhances the overall performance of the wastewater treatment plant, no matter what process.
  • Improves discharge from the plant.