M6 Metering Systems

The Probac M6 Metering System was developed by Hydrobac to provide an inexpensive yet simple to use dose metering pump. The M6 has excellent control over the amount of product injected and has very accurate timing. The actual dosage may vary slightly over time due to the condition of the squeeze tuba, product being injected, the temperature etc. The system will inject a specific amount of product every 1-16 minutes each day.

The M6 Metering System utilises a microprocessor to control the dose rate delivery over a 24-hour period. It does this by allowing the user to select the actual pump DELAY (delay interval between injection cycles) and RUN time (which is the actual product delivery cycle). Selection is by two rotary switches that control a LED display denoting the program selected.

Being peristaltic, that is the product being injected is squeezed through a tube rather than actually pumped, the product does not come into contact with the pump workings, so there is little that can harm the motor and electronics. The device will also not be damaged if the product runs out.

All M6 Metering Systems are supplied in a stainless steel enclosure measuring 215mm wide, 160mm high and 155mm deep. The enclosure is pre-punched with keyholes enabling quick wall mounting. A keyed lock is also provided for protection and security. The M6 range of pumps require 240 Volts AC supply for normal operation, but do not require any auxiliary back-up supply. The microprocessor models simply re-set themselves upon interruption to AC supply.

A budget version of the M6 has recently been added to the range. This model incorporates a simple timer instead of the sophisticated control circuit used in the other M6 models. The timer has up to six programmable ON/OFF events per 24-hours. A built in rechargeable battery maintains the timers program settings in the event of a power failure. The M6 timer pump is ideal for smaller applications of Probac where fixed time/fixed doses of the product are required. Specific examples of applications where this pump is appropriate to use are in the treatment of holding tanks, septic tanks, Imhoff tanks etc.